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What is Sports Law and why is it significant?

Sports Law is a group of several different kinds of law that have an impact on the sports industry. Sports law involves all matters that are associated with Olympic or professional athletes. It is also related to laws that regulate amateur and youth sports.

There is a wide variety of laws that influence the sports industry such as personal injury law, contract law, criminal law trademark and athletic administration” – explains Andrzej Waszkewicz, Sports Lawyer.

“Aside from conduct or harm on the athletes part, sports law plays an instrumental role in making sure that athletes aren’t being discriminated upon due to their religion, race, or stature. By keeping employers in check from biased practices, sports as a whole can involve a much larger array of talented individuals” – adds Sports Lawyer.

What is Sports Law, Law in Sports, https://swim.by, A Masters of Laws, Sports Laws, Andrzej Waszkewicz Sports Lawyer

A Master of Laws / Sports Lawyer

What is Sports Law, Law in Sports, https://waszkewicz.com, A Masters of Laws, Sports Laws, Andrzej Waszkewicz Sports Lawyer, Andrzej Waszkewicz YouTube Channel

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