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Danish International Swim Cup

Welcome to the Danish International Swim Cup, one of the biggest swimming competitions in Scandinavia. The Danish Swim Cup takes place at the “Swimming Stadium Denmark” in Esbjerg and brings together more than 1,000 swimmers from around the world.

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Discover Copenhagen by boat

Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, is a liveable and lovable city. The port city, located on the islands of Zealand and Amager, has many attractions: castles, churches, busy streets and squares, almost small-town idylls, monuments and much more. It takes a few days to visit and appreciate most of the sights of Copenhagen.

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Eat on Fanø | By the Wadden Sea

Fanø has become a popular destination for food lovers in Vadehavskysten, Denmark. Eat fish cooked according to old Scandinavian recipes inspired by the Wadden Sea.

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Danish Masters Swimming Championships

The Danish Masters Swimming Championships is an annual swimming competitions for adult athletes (aged 25 and upward), which is held in Denmark at the Long Course (50m) and Short Course (25m) venues.

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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

Visit Scandinavia with SAS Scandinavian Airlines and explore the top tourist attractions of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm like a true local!

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Denmark - Wadden Sea

The Danish Wadden Sea islands evolved from sandbanks, which were incessantly washed up by the sea along the coast of southwest Jutland.

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Eat in Ribe - A Taste of Denmark

Eat in Ribe and feel the best Taste of Denmark by the Wadden Sea. After a long day with many new impressions the restaurants in Ribe offer a rich and diverse choice of dining experiences. Enjoy mouth watering menus in an array of eateries to suit all tastes and budgets from stylish restaurants to cozy cafes.

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