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VeloMinsk Golden Race 2015: the best cycling routes in Minsk city

VeloMinsk Golden Race 2015

Every year I have in my sports calendar traditional cycling event – it’s VeloMinsk Golden Race. It is not only fast race, this is the most interesting bicycle route in Minsk. The end of September is the perfect time when still warm, the sun shining and the capital of Belarus has a very beautiful natural colors.

And so, the start time.
South of Minsk, the beginning of the main bicycle path of the city.

Minsk bicycle path

It’s very clean and wide road along the river Svisloch.

Bike road Minsk

Street art of Minsk under the town bridge.

VELOMINSK, Andrzej Waszkewicz

Green parks, cycling and walkways - enjoy the silence of autumn.

Minsk cycling 2015

PowerBar is my favourite isotonic sports drink on cycling and triathlon races.

PowerBar isotonic sports drink

Some parks in the center of Minsk there since the 19th century.

Minsk velopark

In Minsk always a lot of flowers.

Minsk flowers, цветы Минска

In 1067 there was founded Minsk. Now here we have a business center.

Minsk business center

We are going to in High town.

Minsk High town, Верхний город

Minsk High town, Верхний город

European streets and architecture attract travelers.

European streets, travel

I am also pleased to be here with my cyclocross bike «Giant».

VeloMinsk Golden Race 2015, cycling

New and old in the center of Minsk.

Minsk new and old

Art in the tree. What does this sculpture? Maybe the cry of the forest in the urban jungle.

Minsk art

Town Hall Square. It’s very nice place on Christmas in Belarus.

Christmas in Belarus

The VeloMinsk race in contrast urban places where all want make a photos for personal blog.

Velominsk sport blog

Youth is the future of the nation.

Youth cycling

The Trinity Hill (Troitskoe predmestie) is the oldest surviving district of Minsk.

VeloMinsk, Troitskoe predmestie

The Svisloch river in the city center and few small islands.

Svisloch river, VeloMinsk

City bikes.

Minsk City bikesMinsk City bikes

The Komsomolskoe Lake.
In Minsk a lot of reservoirs, rivers and canals. Beautiful gardens and parks.
Who said me that Szczecin Floating garden in Poland? I know a one secret. The Minsk city is a real floating garden in Eastern Europe.

Minsk, Komsomolskoe LakeVeloMinsk, Komsomolskoe Lake

Fantastic decorative bridge and Island of Birds.

Bird Island, Minsk

Island of Birds, Остров птиц Минск

Love Locks.

Love Locks, Minsk

Love Locks, VeloMinsk

Amsterdam? Minsk of course!

Minsk - Amsterdam

Victory Park & best cycling routes in the center of city.

Best cycling routes in Minsk city

The elements of ethnic culture.

Minsk culture

Amazing track for a road cycling.

Track, road cycling

The road in the magical grove.

Road cycling Minsk

Across the hill on a bicycle.

Cross bicycle Minsk

Landscape on the Minsk bike path.

Landscape, Minsk cycling route

Olympic rings on the building. This is interesting!

Olympic rings, Minsk

Fantastic! This is National Olympic Comitee of Belarus. In the sunshine this palace of gold color. Interestingly, are there any sports excursions in the building of NOC?

National Olympic Comitee of Belarus

Green path for bicycle.

ВелоМинск, bicycle path

Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, БГУФК

The Minsk-Arena Complex.

Minsk-Arena, ВелоМинск

Minsk Velodrome is an arena for track cycling.

Minsk Velodrome, track cycling

Urban bicycle paths no worse than in the velodrome.

Urban bicycle, velodrome track

The tonnels under bridge.

VeloMinsk, sport, travel

New city districts and Drozdy Lake.

New city, Drozdy Lake

ВелоМинск, Дрозды

Fishing in Minsk.

Fishing in Minsk, рыбалка в Минске

Fishing in Minsk, рыбалка в Минске

Forest path along the lake.

Minsk forest path

VeloMinsk, Belarus forest

Minsk Aquapark.

Minsk Aquapark, Минский аквапарк

Attention, bike path.

VeloMinsk, bike path

Minsk cycling.

Minsk cycling

Isotonic drink and Go!

Isotonic drink, PowerBar Minsk

On bicycle in Minsk I can do a good training on long distances.

Bicycle Minsk

Long distances training

Rowing training on the river.

Rowing training, Minsk

Minsk Stella and largest museum in Europe of World War II.

Minsk Stella, museum of World War II

VeloMinsk Golden Race 2015:

Total distance: 60 km
Total time: 3h 00′

Air temperature: +16 °C
Wind: South, 3 m/s

Bicycle: Giant cross bike 28”
Isotonic drink: PowerBar 1 liter

© Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by   © Copyright. All rights reserved.

«VELOMINSK ®» & «ВелоМинск ®» – officially registered trademarks / официально зарегистрированные торговые марки


Andrzej Waszkewicz Sports Agency VeloMinsk Golden Race


PowerBar Giant Bicycles

Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by

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