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Swimming friends in Kazan 2015: together we create the energy of this great sports event

Swimming friends in Kazan 2015

World masters swimming championships in Kazan - is not only a sports competition and the battle for seconds in the pool. Every championship - it’s meeting of friends of the world of swimming and sports. I was glad to see each friend from the different countries. Together we create the energy of this great sports event!

Чемпионат мира по плаванию masters в Казани – это не только спортивные соревнования и сражение за секунды в бассейне. Каждый чемпионат – это встреча друзей их мира плавания и спорта. Я был рад видеть каждого друга из разных стран. Вместе мы создавали энергию этого великого спортивного турнира!

Ravil Nogumanov (Kazan) and Anton Zaykov (Moscow), thank you for your friendship and good company on this Championships.

Ravil Nogumanov, Anton Zaykov, блог Swim.by

Antonio Perlini Bianchi, my very good Italian friend. He is excellent swimmer «Open water» and the most positive person in European sport.

Antonio Perlini Bianchi, swimming

Sergey Petrov (Moscow) and Arlandas Juodeška (Kaunas), we are always happy every meeting.

Sergey Petrov, Arlandas Juodeška, Swim.by

Vlad Nesvetaev and Alexander Danilov - President of Russian masters swimming federation good Masters athletes and respected people in the international sports movement.

Vlad Nesvetaev, Alexander Danilov, swimming

Photo © Julia Danilova , swimmasters.ru

Vlad Nesvetaev from N.Novrorod (Russia) – World masters swimming champion on 800 m freestyle

Vlad Nesvetaev, Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by

With Roman Sukhoverkhov – swimming gladiator and professional doctor, skilled surgeon.

Roman Sukhoverkhov, Andrzej Waszkewicz, swimming

My very good friend, team partner, World masters swimming champion – Petr Gregor with sons Ondrej and Matej.

Petr Gregor, Ondrej Gregor, Matej Gregor

Andrzej Waszkewicz with a masters swimming legend Yaroslav Novitskiy (Russia) – man who has more than 2300 sports medals in sports career. This success in the Guinness World Records.

Andrzej Waszkewicz swimming, Yaroslav Novitskiy, Guinness World Records

Mostafa Atef – World masters swimming champion on 100 m butterfly, my friend from Egypt

Mostafa Atef, swimming, Egypt

Photo © Mostafa Atef

Alexey Gulakov (Russia) – World masters swimming champion and my butterfly-friend on World and European championships.

Alexey Gulakov swimming

Sergey Mukhin (Russia) – World and European masters swimming champion, European record holder and very good man.
Together we competed on the world swimming arena from 2011.

Sergey Mukhin, swimming

Vojtech Steinbauer and Bohumír Šraut – my positive Czech friends, thank you for the championship time!

Vojtech Steinbauer, Bohumír Šraut, swimming

Bohumír Šraut, I am very pleased that you have all successfully at these competitions.

Bohumír Šraut, swimming, Kazan

Thanks to all volunteers and personally Julia Salyukova-Garaeva for help, advice and support at competitions in Kazan!

Volunteers Kazan swimming, Julia Salyukova-Garaeva

My ukrainian swimming friends - Oleksiy Yesypenko and Olena Ierantseva

Ukraine swimming

Thanks to the Czech team «Swimmpower Prague»!
Bronze medals of Medley relay: Andrzej Waszkewicz, Petr Gregor, Daniel Vaisocher, Peter Pokorny.

Andrzej Waszkewicz, Petr Gregor, Daniel Vaisocher, Peter Pokorny

Teamwork skills brings us bronze medals in freestyle relay on World championships in Kazan.
Peter Pokorny, Petr Gregor, Bohumír Šraut and Andrzej Waszkewicz

Peter Pokorny, Petr Gregor, Bohumír Šraut, Andrzej Waszkewicz swimming

We are not just an international swimming team - we are real sports brotherhood!
Andrzej, Rafael, Michael, Anton and others swim brothers

Andrzej Waszkewicz swimming, Swim.by blog

Photo © Anton Zaykov

Thank you all! Thank’s to each athlete and participant, with whom met in Kazan!

© Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by   © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by

World masters swimming championship 2015

World swimming championship 2015

World Championships, Kazan 2015
Andrzej Waszkewicz, World swimming championships, Kazan 2015


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