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Swimmers – Masters Team | Warsaw • Poland

Swimmers Masters Team

Swimmers Masters Team, Warsaw swimming club, Poland

Name: Swimmers Masters Team

Code: SMT

City: Warsaw

Country: Poland

Key people: Remigiusz Gołębiowski (Head Coach), Hubert Lis (Coach)

Web: www.swimmersteam.pl

The club «Swimmers Masters Team» is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of adult amateur swimming, regardless of age, capacity, gender, religious beliefs. It was on the initiative of people who have devoted their entire lives to swimming, from children age and to professinal athletes, and today as coaches with passion seek to promote this beautiful sport.

Swimmers Masters Team, Warsaw Swimming Club, Poland

Photo: © Tomasz Doniec

Are you a beginner swimmer, a triathlete wanting to improve your swimming technique? Or do you think of a start in a swimming competition or marathon in open water? If so, you are the perfect match for our Swimmers Masters Team.

If you only swim in one style, our skilled trainers will teach you other styles and improve your swimming technique.

Swimmers Masters Team, Warsaw Swimming Club, Poland

Mission of the club «Swimmers Masters Team»:

The mission of our association is to promote swimming and to prove that everyone can train independently of age. Swimmers Masters Team was created to promote the healthy lifestyle of its members. Everyone has their reasons to join the Masters Team. For some reason there is health, the desire to be fit, for others it is fun time, compete in sport, participation in swimming competitions or trips to sports camps.

Enjoy it!

Swimmers Masters Team, Warsaw Swimming Club, Poland

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