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Susz Triathlon 2018 in Poland

Susz Triathlon 2018 in Poland will be held at the most beautiful of Warmia-Mazury region from 22 till 24 June 2018. Athletes will take part in the 1/2 IRONMAN distance, Sprint Triathlon, Aquathlon and Mixed Relay. Susz Triathlon is not only sport – is a great cultural event in Poland with TOP-music groups, artists and EXPO during of nice weekend!

Official webwww.triathlon.susz.pl

Susz Triathlon 2018, Triathlon in Poland, IRONMAN Triathlon Poland, Swim.by

Photo: © Susz Triathlon


EMG, European Masters League, Европейская Лига Мастерс

Riga Amber Cup 2018, Masters Swimming Meet in Riga, Latvia

Susz Triathlon 2018, Ironman, Sprint Triathlon, Aquathlon

2018 European Masters Swimming Championships Slovenia

EMG Poland Running League, Polska Liga Biegowa

EMG, European Management Group