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We are a Sports Promoter

We are the Nordic largest sports promoter in Swimming, Triathlon, Cycling, Running and Masters events. Today we work in different countries and represent the Top sports events, brands, Expo, media, clubs & athletes.

SWIM Channel

Our mission is to bring great content to those who love to swim, no matter your ability or experience. One thing brings us together and that is the passion for the joy of swimming. Subscribe and watch the best Aquatics Sports Videos on the SWIM Channel.

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And of course, you can find in our media the best photos from the most interesting swimming, triathlon
and aquatics sports competitions!

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Running Channel

Running is one of the most popular and practiced sports worldwide. Every year we promote of the European and world marathons, half marathons, trails and adventure races. We take over 10,000 great photos every season for sports publications – it’s awesome! Video review of running events, friendly content, thousands of runners are involved in each episode because the Running Channel – we are work with passion!

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Enjoy the best moments of your running passion in our photos:

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Cycling Channel

The Cycling Channel brings you compelling sports content including expert bike tutorials, techniques, training, behind the scenes cycling event coverage. Best photo reviews from Gran Fondo events, UCI cycling races and more in our media network.

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Ride with passion and watch amazing pictures in our channels:

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We are Masters — #1 media in Europe

Swim.by – the home-portal of the World Masters ® & European Masters ® sports community, unite and promote competitions for Age Group amateurs and Masters Athletes (age categories 25/30/35+ and etc.) in Swimming, Triathlon, Athletics, Cycling, Tennis, Golf, winter and team sports.

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World & European Masters community in social media:

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Sports, Media, Events, Entertainment - Marketing & Management

Swim.by is a group in sports, events, media and entertainment. We are represents and manages of the most interesting projects, unite thousands sports amateurs in top events and million viewers in our international media. We also specializes in sports training, brands development, marketing, PR and consulting services.

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Swim.by, EMG, Sports Management, Sport Marketing

Sport is our world ®

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«SWIM Channel ®», «Swim.by ®», «Team Swim ®», «SWIM ®», «EMG ®» – officially registered trademarks.

Cooperation with us:

EMG Sport Management, Спортивный менеджмент, менеджмент в спорте


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