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Bright collection of sports posters in the USSR: marketing ideology of Soviet sport

Sports posters Soviet Union

There was a period in history when on a world map was one big country. With the name - USSR. Now in the World a lot of museums about the history of communism and the Soviet Union. The most interesting things of that time, is bright posters about the sport. Authors of pictures show us the ideology of the society. This a good guide on stages of development of sports marketing that period.

Sport – is the health, will and courage!

Sports posters USSR

«Not in a world more beautiful clothes than bronze muscles and freshness of the skin».
Author of poem: Mayakovskiy
Poster: Tereschenko, 1955

Sports posters USSR

For indestructible friendship, for new sports successes!
(RSFSR/russian and the Ukrainian SSR athletes).

Russian and Ukrainian athletes in USSR

The most famous sports posters in the USSR.

To new victories in work and sports!
Author: Kokorekin, 1955

Do you want to be such – Train!

Sport posters USSRUSSR sport

Rowing and sailing!
Authors: Savostyuk & Uspenskiy, 1956

Rowing, sailing, Soviet Union

Aquatics sports – the best rest!

Aquatics sports, Soviet Union

If you want to be healthy – take water procedures!

Health, water procedures

Engage in watersports!

Hello, Soviet Athletes!

Soviet AthletesSoviet Union Athletes

Sport – Ambassador of Peace.

Sport Ambassador of Peace

All the World records must be ours!

All World records USSR

Farmer be a athlete.

Farmer athlete USSR

Sports Games of the Soviet peoples – show of strength and skills!
Author: Ivanov, 1955

Sports Games Soviet Union

Hello, Soviet athletes – military reserve of the Red Army!

Soviet AthletesSoviet Union Athletes

Sport – is a power! Alcohol – the grave!

Sport power, alcohol USSR

Youth – to stadiums!
Author: Golovanov, 1947

Youth Soviet sports

USSR is a mighty sports power!
Author: B. Reshetnikov, 1962

USSR is a mighty sports countryUSSR is a mighty sports power

Sport – is the health and beauty!

All the World records must be ours!
Author: Govorkov, 1935

Sport health and beautyUSSR Soviet World records

Youth on skis! / All on skis!
Authors: Nesterova-Berzina & Nesterova

Youth skisSoviet Union ski

Sports Games of the Soviet peoples / Moscow-1928
Author: Vlasov, 1928

Olympic Games, Moscow-1980
Promotional poster of the event.

Sports Games of the Soviet peoplesOlympic Games, Moscow-1980

Be healthy and happy, love the sport at any time!

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