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Photo of the day: Susz Triathlon 2019 in pictures

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Susz Triathlon – the capital of the Polish triathlon ⇒ 21-23 June 2019!

Event program: 1/2 Ironman Triathlon / Sprint Triathlon / Junior Aquathlon / Mixed Relay.

Your every victory in the Susz Triathlon 2019 will be in amazing pictures, save this race in personal sports calendar and welcome to the most bright competitions in Poland!

Photo Susz Triathlon, Susz Triathlon 2019, Susz Triathlon Zdjęcia, www.swim.by, Triathlon Susz 2019, Susz Triathlon Pictures, Susz Triathlon 2019 Photos, Swim.by

Photo: © Mariusz Nasieniewski / Maratomania.pl / Susz Triathlon


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