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Lithuanian masters swimming championships: sports weekend «Kaunas 2014»

Andrzej Waszkewicz Lietuvos masters plaukimo cempionatas

In the last weekend of autumn in Kaunas there was a very nice holiday of sport. For start in the Lithuanian masters swimming championships, there arrived about 300 swimmers from 8 countries of Europe.

The Lithuanian swimming federation organized competitions at the high level at new Swimming Centre of the Kaunas city. The swimming pool on 50 meters, 8 lanes for starts and the modern Omega timing system.

Swimmers from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Ireland and Estonia competed two days for prize-winning places and points in general classification. Swimmers from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Ireland and Estonia competed two days for prize-winning places and scores in general classification.

Kauno plaukimo centrasKauno plaukimo centras
Andrzej Waszkewicz Lietuvos plaukimo cempionatasLithuanian masters swimming championships Waszkewicz
Lithuanian masters swimming championships KaunasLithuanian masters swimming championships Kaunas

TOP 10 masters swimmers in general classification:

1. RAZGŪNĖ Aušra (Lithuania, Vilnius «Poseidonas») 2692 points
2. SYCH Regina (Russia, Kaliningrad «Pregel») 2623 points
3. GABIEC Mariusz (Poland, Olsztyn «Aquasfera» ) 2586 points
4. ZAMORSKIS Aleksandras (Lithuania, Kaišiadorių «Plaukiam») 2577 points
5. MINAKOVS Valerijs (Latvia, Jelgava) 2482 points
6. RAKITINAS Eugenijus (Lithuania, Ignalinos Plaukimo Klubas) 2480 points
7. BESPALKO Erika (Lithuania, Kaunas) 2449 points
8. WASZKEWICZ Andrzej (Poland, Swim.by) 2409 points
9. MATULIAUSKAS Rytas (Lithuania, Kaunas «Takas» ) 2359 points
10. DUDA Anna (Poland, Rybnicki Rmks) 2308 points

Lithuanian masters swimming championships winners 2014

       Photo © Arlandas Juodeška | TOP 10 Lithuanian masters swimmers

Andrzej Waszkewicz Lithuanian masters swimming championships 2014

© Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by   © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by


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