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IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia 2020 | Poland Triathlon

Poland TriathlonIRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia – the main triathlon event in Central & Eastern Europe for PRO and Masters Athletes (Age Group).

Triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia takes place in northern Poland. Athletes swim in the Baltic Sea, then take on a challenging, one-loop bike course leading through the picturesque Polish Kashubia region in order to come back to town for the running stage, held on three loops in the city center and along the sea boulevards. Triumph finish located on the beach with a loud cheering crowd is the greatest emotions for everyone!


GRAN FONDO GDYNIA 2020, Gran Fondo Gdynia

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IRONMAN Triathlon Gdynia 2020, IRONMAN Triathlon Poland 2020, IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia 2020

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