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European speed skating championships 2016: конькобежный спорт в Минске

European speed skating championships, Minsk 2016

January – the epicenter of winter adventures! All those who love winter sports and travel arrived in Minsk. European speed skating championships 2016 was here at the skating stadium in the complex «Minsk-Arena».

In the last year at September I organized the VeloMinsk Golden Race beside with this place.

Complex Minsk-Arena, winter sports

Near the entrance to the sports complex demonstrated the huge truck, which made in Belarus.

Sports complex Minsk-Arena, Belarus

This is a real big truck! My height is 1.95 m, but he’s all 6 meters. His name — BELAZ.

BELAZ Belarus

The first hall (Minsk Velodrome) – this is Fan Zone for children and guests of speed skating championships.

Minsk Velodrome, Fan Zone

And this is the Skating stadium Minsk-Arena where the start of championship-2016.

Skating stadium, Minsk-Arena

Wide hall of ice stadium and 2,000 spectators in the tribune and the same in the Fan Zone and on other objects.

Skating stadium, Minsk-Arena

Skating stadium, Minsk Arena, Fan Zone

The high level of organization of the tournament, nice decorations and good branding of sports elements.

European speed skating championships, sports organization

A lot of fans from Poland. Many tourists from the Netherlands with flags of Poland in Minsk, very interesting fact.

Poland, Netherlands, tourists, Minsk

The skaters at high speed and incredible turns.

Speed skating turns, skaters

Polish olympic champion Zbigniew Bródka won a silver medal on distance 500 m.

Zbigniew Bródka, Poland, olympic champion

Polish speed skating

Awards Ceremony & work of photographers.

Awards Ceremony, speed skating

Happy fans of speed skating from Russia and mascot of competitions.

Speed skating, Russia sport fans

I was also happy to make a photo with a snowman.

Andrzej Waszkewicz, speed skating, Анджей Вашкевич

I’m a fan of sport and me was very interesting to watch every race.

Andrzej Waszkewicz, sport blog Swim.by, speed skating

Speed skating Minsk, конькобежный спорт в Минске

Professional TV broadcasts and live reports.

Speed skating TV, broadcasts, live reports

Norway speed skating team fans and their national flags.

Norway speed skating national team

Конькобежный спорт в Минске, Minsk speed skating

Press corner: live reports.
Speed skating in the Holland – the one of most popular winter sport.

Speed skating Holland, winter sport, конькобежный спорт в Голландии

Good atmosphere of competitions and Orthodox Christmas in the Belarus.

Andrzej Waszkewicz, Christmas Belarus, speed skating championships

The final classification of European speed skating championships 2016 in Minsk:


1. Martina Sablikova (Czech Republic) 161,455 scores
2. Ireen Wuest (Holland) 163,188
3. Antoinette de Jong (Holland) 164,043


1. Sven Kramer (Holland) 150,102 scores
2. Bart Swings (Belgium) 150,464
3. Jan Blokhuijsen (Holland) 151,176

European speed skating championships 2016 in Minsk

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