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European Masters Games 2019 will be held in the Olympic city of Turin, Northern Italy

European Masters Games 2019

In September 2016, the Board of Directors of the International Masters Games Association (IMGA), meeting in Vancouver, established that Turin was organizing, for the summer of 2019, the sixth edition of the European Masters Games (EMG2019) in Northern Italy.

Olympic city of Turin has chosen to host the next European Masters Games 2019. For this position Kyrenia (North Cyprus), Tampere (Finland), Pesaro (Italy) and Turin (Italy) have competed. Torino already has successful experience as hosting city of World Masters Games in 2013, so there is not surprising that for the next European Masters Games was chosen Turin. Previous European Masters Games took place in 2015 Nice (France).

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Photo: © European Masters Games – Turin 2019

The European Masters Games (EMG) is a multi-sport event, consisting of summer sports, that is held every four years. The European Masters Games are owned by the International Masters Games Association (IMGA), who also own the World Masters Games. The age categories vary depending on the sport but the competition is generally for people 30–35 years or older. The first games were held in 2008 in Malmö, Sweden. The European Masters Games are held once every four year, while the last games were held in 2015 in Nice, France, the next games will be celebrated in Torino, Italy, in 2019. The International Masters Games Association (IMGA), which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is the body responsible for the bidding and placing of the games.

European Masters Games 2019, EMG2019, EMG Sport, Европейские Игры Мастерс 2019, www.swim.by

Photo: © European Masters Games – Torino 2019

Previous European Masters Games 2015 / Medal Table

⇒ 1–11 October 2015 / Nice, France

⇒ 7200 athletes / 27 sports

European Masters Games 2019, EMG2019, EMG Sport, Европейские Игры Мастерс 2019, Official website www.swim.by

European Masters Games 2019 in Turin (Italy) from 26 July – till 4 August 2019. These EMG are open to all athletes aged 25/30/35 and older (Masters / Age Groups) in 27 summer sports.

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It is expected that more than 10,000 athletes will compete in Turin from all European countries. Turin is a city and an important business and cultural centre in Northern Italy.

Turin hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics in February 2006. Turin is the largest city to have ever hosted a Winter Olympics, and was the largest metropolitan area to host them at the time.

Torino held the World Masters Games 2013. The city and surroundings hosted almost 20.000 athletes. The Motto was «Everlasting Passion».

The city of Turin was awarded with the title of European Capital of Sport 2015. The town is committed to enhancing sports activities and the EMG 2019 will be an excellent continuation of the great history of the Olympic city!

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Photo: © EMG Turin 2019

European Sports Promoter: © EMG , Swim.by


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