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2020 Minsk Trail Running | Betta Summer Race in photos from the Running Channel

2020 Minsk Trail Running, TRAIL RUNNING MINSK, Trail Run Minsk Pictures, Minsk TRAIL RUNNING FOTO, www.swim.by, Minsk Trail Running PHOTOS, BETTA Summer Race 2020, Трейл Раннинг Минск ФОТО, TRAIL RUN MINSK PHOTOS, Betta OCR Race, Betta Sport Belarus, Minsk Running Photos, RUNNING CHANNEL, Swim.by

Minsk Trail Running (Betta Summer Race 2020) took place in the Sunny Valley Park, in the capital of Belarus on July 4, 2020. Amazing weather, hundreds of happy participants – it was a great day in Minsk!

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Grand Prix Gdynia 2020: new brand events for Runners and Nordic Walking fans!

Grand Prix Gdynia 2020, Gdynia Running, Nordic Walking Gdynia, Running in Poland, Nordic Walking Poland, www.swim.by, Grand Prix Gdynia, Running Events Poland, Runners World, Swim.by

The IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon, Half Marathon run, Gran Fondo cycling and now a new international brand events in the famous sports city on the north coast of Poland – Grand Prix Gdynia for runners

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EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon & Half presents the official medals for finishers in 2020

Madrid Marathon Medal 2020, Rock Roll n ’Roll Madrid Marathon 2020, www.swim.by, Madrid Half Marathon Medal 2020, Madrid Marathon Medals, Swim.by

A medal for each distance, with the iconic Puerta de Alcalá as the image of an event whose 43 years of history have made it a reference in the world of popular sport. The historical medals of the EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid

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Madrid Marathon beats its registration record with more than 25,000 participants!

Madrid Marathon Registration, Rock Roll n ’Roll Madrid Marathon, www.swim.by, Madrid Half Marathon Registration, Swim.by

About 5 months before one of the most expected races on the calendar, it seems that many runners (more than 25,000) have already decided that, in 2020, their challenge is EDP Rock Roll n ’Roll Madrid Marathon!

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Minsk Half Marathon 2019: The big Sunday’s Run in the heart of Eastern Europe

Minsk Half Marathon 2019 Results, Minsk Half Marathon 2019 Photos, Minsk Half Marathon 2019, Минский Полумарафон ФОТО Результаты, www.swim.by, Minsk Half Marathon RESULTS 2019, Minsk Half Marathon PHOTOS 2019, Swim.by

Minsk Half Marathon 2019 took place in the Belarusian capital on 15 September. The big Sunday’s run gathered of many thousand athletes from around the world at the start line in the most heart of Eastern Europe

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Photos of the day: RESO Suwalki 10,5 Night Running Race in pictures

Photos RESO Suwalki 10,5 Night Running Race, RESO Suwalki 10,5 Night Run Pictures

RESO Suwalki 10,5 Night Running Race is a very spectacular competition on 1/4 Marathon distance and key-event of the big sports weekend, took place in North-Eastern Poland on midnight 6-7 July 2019.

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2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5: Night Run and bright Running Holidays in Poland

2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5, Night Run Suwalki, RESO Suwałki Bieg 2019, Running Holidays in Poland

The event of 2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5 is already a big and bright story of Polish Running. The over 1200 runners from 11 countries took part in the big Running Holidays in North-Eastern Poland on 6-7 July 2019.

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2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5: awesome night runs and beautiful medals from Poland

2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5, Night Run Poland, Running Medals Poland

The great running weekend on 6-7 July is coming and 2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5 shows beautiful medals and T-shirts for each finisher! The last days are left, be hurry to register in the unique night running races

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Photos of the day: Polish Masters Street Running 5K Championships 2019 in pictures

Polish Masters Street Running Championships 2019, Photos Poland Masters Running Championships, Poland Running Pictures

Polish Masters Street Running 5K Championships 2019 took place in Warsaw on June, 15, 2019. This traditional open for everyone Masters athletes (35+ years-old) event is included in the program of «Bieg Ursynowa»

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2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5: welcome to amazing running weekend in North-Eastern Poland

2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5, Running Poland, RESO Suwałki Bieg

Hello, dear friends! The cozy Polish town of Suwalki invites all runners to take part in amazing active weekend for everyone - 2019 RESO Suwałki 10,5! This is a wonderful running races for amateurs, professionals, kids

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Photos of the day: Suwałki Miss Run 2019 and Miss Fashion Run in North-Eastern Poland

Suwałki Miss Run 2019, Photos Suwałki Miss Run 2019, Suwałki Miss Run Photo

Suwałki Miss Run is a running event in Poland, directed to all women. Main run on a distance of about 5 km and an accompanying run (100 m in high heels). In addition, the Miss Fashion Run election for

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Photos of the day: 2019 Białystok City Run 5K is already in sports history and our pictures

Photos Białystok City Run, 2019 Białystok City Run 5K, Białystok City Run 2019, Białystok City Run Pictures

The Białystok City Run 5K took place in Northeastern Poland on 5 May 2019. The over 1300 competitors from 20 countries competed at the beautiful route in the city center of the capital of Polish Podlasie.

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2019: winners set new course records & over 6400 participants!

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2019, Bialystok Half Marathon, PKO Białystok Półmaraton

May 5, 2019 was a great day and PKO Bialystok Half Marathon confirmed that is the biggest running event in the North-Eastern Poland. More than 6,400 participants took part in all races during the weekend

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2019 RESO SUWAŁKI 10.5: The big Running Festival in the most beautiful region of Poland

2019 RESO SUWAŁKI 10.5, Running Festival Poland, Suwalki Running 2019

RESO SUWAŁKI 10.5 – The big Municipal Running Festival is an amazing weekend of races organized in Suwałki, beautiful town located in North-Eastern Poland. All runners are welcome to visit the town on the Czarna Hańcza

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2019 DOZ Marathon Lodz: over 6,500 athletes participated in a three-day running festival

2019 DOZ Marathon Lodz, DOZ Maraton Łódź, Running Marathon Poland

Over 6,500 competitors from Poland and abroad participated at 2019 DOZ Marathon Lodz (on 5-7 April). The three-day running festival is a great races for everyone on the most different cources: Marathon, 10 km

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2019 DOZ Maraton Łódź: awesome medals and great prize money for runners

2019 DOZ Maraton Łódź, Marathon Lodz, Medals, Lodz Marathon Prizes

The biggest running event in Central Poland - 2019 DOZ Maraton Łódź will be held from 5-7 April 2019. The over 5000 runners will start at Marathon 42K, Citu Run 10K, Ekiden Marathon Relay and Kids Run!

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2019: official medal and impressive T-shirt of the event

Białystok Half Marathon 2019, Bialystok Half Marathon Medal, Białystok Półmaraton

Do you have any plans for the weekend on May 4-5, 2019? Save the dates in your calendar and remember that Białystok is waiting for you with family and friends at the biggest running event in North

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Trailrun World Masters 2019: the best summer event in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

Trailrun World Masters 2019, Trailrun World Masters Saalbach 2019, World Masters Trail Running, Trail Running Saalbach Austria

The motto of Saalbach Hinterglemm is plain and clear: It is about creating and passing on the excitement and passion. The activities and events in one of the largest vacation destinations of Austria

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DOZ Maraton Łódź 2019: the power of running is coming to central Poland!

DOZ Maraton Łódź 2019, Running Poland, Lodz Marathon 2019

Every spring, the power of running is coming to Central Poland – on 5-7 April 2019, the city of Łódź will be host one of the biggest running weekend with a very rich program: Lodz Marathon 42K, City Run 10K

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The Top Things to Do in Białystok: your active holidays in Northeastern Poland

Active holidays in Bialystok, Top Things to Do in Białystok, Active Holidays Poland

Białystok is the largest city in Northeastern Poland, and the capital of the Podlasie province. With a lengthy history of interaction between Poles, Lithuanians, Belarusians, Russians, Tatars, Magyars, Catholics

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EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon now a event of the World Age Group Qualifier

Rock n Roll Madrid Marathon, Madrid Marathon 2019

EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon on April 28, 2019 is the only event in Spain where athletes can qualify for the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Championships, being held as part of the

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Trailrun World Masters Saalbach 2019: Come with us and feel the joy of trail running!

Trailrun World Masters Saalbach 2019, World Masters Trail Running

Trailrun World Masters Saalbach is a new great event for athletes of the Masters category (age groups 40+). This three-day trail running event will be held in Saalbach Hinterglemm (Austria) on 7-9 June 2019!

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2019: Welcome to Poland on the first weekend of May!

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2019, Białystok Półmaraton 2019

The first weekend of May is a warm, sunny days and the best time for spring travel. If you like active holidays with family and friends, welcome to Poland! PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2019 will be held on May 4-5!

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Trailrun World Masters Saalbach 2019: become a legend in the Austrian Alps!

Trailrun World Masters Saalbach 2019, Masters Running, Trail Running Austria

Trailrun World Masters is a new awesome event for everyone masters athlete in the Austrian Alps. Each runner (age groups 40+) can take part in this exciting competitions from 7 to 9 June 2019 in Saalbach!

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Bieg św. Dominika – 5K Women Run 2018: the beautiful part of running festival in Gdansk

Bieg św. Dominika, 5K Women Run 2018, Bieg św. Dominika 2018

International St. Dominic Run is a great street running festival in Gdansk, Poland. The 5 km Women Run it is a part of Bieg św. Dominika 2018. Amazing and very beautiful competitions took place in the heart of Gdansk

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International St. Dominic Run 2018 in Gdańsk: TOP-Running Festival in Northern Poland

Dominic Run 2018 in Gdańsk, Running Poland

International St. Dominic Run – is a great street running festival in Poland and also an annual prestigious sport and promotional event in Gdańsk, organized since 1994 in the streets of the Old City of a Royal

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2018 Białystok City Run 5K is a lot of positive emotions and wonderful running in Poland

Białystok City Run 5K, Białystok Half Marathon 2018, Poland Running

On a warm, sunny day on May 13, 2018, the program of PKO Białystok Half Marathon gave us an amazing City Run 5K. A lot of positive emotions were received by 1000 participants of this event. Running in Poland is

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018: the best running event in May

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, PKO Białystok Półmaraton 2018, Полумарафон Белосток

The PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018 took place on May 12-13 in most green city of the North-Eastern Poland! It was the biggest running event in this weekend: 6000 runners from 20 countries competed

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018: welcome to the biggest running festival in Eastern Poland

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, PKO Białystok Półmaraton 2018, Полумарафон Белосток

The PKO Bialystok Half Marathon will be on 12-13 May, 2018. As in previous editions, runners will start at Branicki Palace. In the past edition, over 6000 people stood at the starting line of the half marathon and

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DOZ Maraton Łódź 2018: olympic runners on the start of the Polish marathon

DOZ Maraton Łódź 2018, olympic runners, Polish marathon

April 14-15, 2018 in the city of Lodz will host a grand festival of Polish running. About 5000 participants from different countries of the world will come to Poland in this weekend. Everyone will get pleasant

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018: the great running weekend in Eastern Poland

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, PKO Białystok Półmaraton 2018

6. PKO Białystok Half Marathon will be held in the largest city in northern-eastern Poland on 13 May 2018. The great running weekend includes a Classic Half Marathon (21,097 km), City Run 5k

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Poland Running in Independence Day: beautiful race and 5000 participants in Gdynia 2017

Poland Running, Run of Independence, Bieg Niepodległości Gdynia 2017

Every year in Poland, during the national holiday of Independence Day on November 11, starts a large series of sporting events in many cities of the country. The classic and most popular running distance it’s a 10 km city race.

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Балтийский полумарафон AMBERMAN 2017: международный бег в Калининграде

Балтийский полумарафон AMBERMAN 2017, бег в Калининграде

Соревнования по полумарафонскому бегу на дистанцию 21,1 км, пожалуй, это одна из самых массовых спортивных дисциплин в лёгкой атлетике на сегодняшний день. Во всём мире ежегодно проводится

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Minsk Half Marathon 2017: приятная порция беговой нагрузки или две цели в один день

Minsk Half Marathon 2017, Минский полумарафон 2017

Праздник бега Minsk Half Marathon 2017 состоялся 10 сентября в центре столицы Беларуси. Это уже 3-й выпуск Минского полумарафона в масштабном формате с привлечением сильных иностранных участников

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Международный бег святого Доминика 2017: самый зрелищный проект в Гданьске

Бег Доминика в Гданьске 2017, Bieg św. Dominika

5 августа 2017 года Гданьске состоялся ежегодный международный забег «Святого Доминика» в период проведения крупнейшего гастрономического фестиваля Польши – «Доминиканской ярмарки».

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Jan Sobieski Running Cup 2017: люблю бег в зелёных парках Варшавы

Jan Sobieski Running Cup 2017, бег в парках Варшавы

Хороший солнечный день помог записать ещё один старт в спортивный актив этого лета. С большим удовольствием пробежался в одном из самых красивых парков Варшавы – королевском Вилянуве.

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Бег на 10 км и марафон в Лодзи 2017: громкое событие в центральной Польше

Бег 10 км, марафон в Лодзи 2017

На один весенний уик-энд Лодзь была отдана любителям бега. А благодаря профессиональной работе лучших спортивных менеджеров и маркетологов в этот город приехали более 5000 атлетов и 20000 туристов

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Bieg Jedności Kaszubów: бег единства кашубов на самом севере Польши

Bieg Jedności Kaszubów, бег, Кашубы, Польша

Развивая Беговую Лигу Польши очень приятно работать не только с крупнейшими спортивными проектами страны, но и уделять должное внимание небольшим региональным событиям, которые пусть и не такие

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Кубок Белян 2017 или совместная воскресная пробежка целым районом Варшавы

Кубок Белян 2017, забег в Варшаве

Воскресное утро, январь, спальный район Беляны на севере Варшавы. Более двух тысяч человек собирается возле местной школы, чтобы совместно пробежать 5 километров и разыграть между собой

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Благотворительный забег на 5 км в Варшаве: «расквитались с диабетом» и открыли сезон

Благотворительный забег 5 км в Варшаве

Спортивный сезон 2017 года открыли беговым кроссом на 5 км в центре Варшавы, а само мероприятие приурочили к национальной благотворительной акции «Расквитайся с диабетом». Для участников

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Grand Prix Gdynia 2016: бег на 10 километров по случаю Дня Независимости Польши

Grand Prix Gdynia 2016, бег 10 километров

Очередной прекрасный беговой старт «Grand Prix Gdynia 2016» вошёл в историю и спортивное портфолио города Гдыня, который расположен на побережье Балтийского моря. В День Независимости Польши

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Международный забег святого Доминика: кросс-критериум в центре Гданьска

Бег святого Доминика в Гданьске, Bieg św. Dominika, Gdansk, Andrzej Waszkewicz

Ежегодно в августе в Гданьске проходит большая ярмарка Святого Доминика или как её ещё именуют «Доминиканская ярмарка». Размах этого события сравним с Oktoberfest в Мюнхене

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Олимпийская пятёрка в Варшаве по случаю открытия Игр-2016 в Рио-де-Жанейро

Олимпийская пятёрка в Варшаве, НОК Польши, Открытие Олимпийских игр в Рио-2016, Swim.by

Когда я получил приглашение от Национального олимпийского комитета Польши поучаствовать в событии, приуроченном к открытию Олимпийских Игр в Рио-де-Жанейро-2016

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Baranovichi Run 2016: бег в удовольствие и замечательный клубный старт на 5 и 21 км

Baranovichi Run 2016, пробег в Барановичах

В жаркий июльский день в Барановичах собралась группа из 150 человек увлечённых бегом и активным образом жизни, чтобы принять участие в замечательном клубной старте «Baranovichi Run 2016»

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«Красочный забег» в Москве на дистанцию 5 км в стиле Fun Run

«Красочный забег» в Москве на дистанцию 5 км

19 июня 2016 года в «Лужниках» состоялся «Красочный забег» на 5 км, участие в котором приняли более 7000 человек. Этот старт входит в серию подготовительных забегов Московского марафона.

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Polish street running championships 2016: соревнования по бегу в Варшаве на 5 и 10 км

Polish street running championships 2016, Warsaw

Решил поддержать проект спортивного фонда «Maraton Warszawski» и поучаствовать в соревнованиях по бегу в Варшаве в качестве волонтёра и медиа-партнёра, ну и сам пробежался за компанию 5 км

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Первый старт в жизни: как правильно подготовиться к бегу на дистанцию 5 км

Andrzej Waszkewicz, первый старт, подготовка, бег 5 км

Неважно, в какой спортивной форме вы сейчас находитесь – всего за 1,5 месяца подготовки, вы сможете пробежать свои первые 5 км на любительских соревнованиях! Каждый начинающий запросто

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