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Gdynia Half Marathon 2019: general test before the World Half Marathon Championships

Gdynia Half Marathon 2019, World Half Marathon Championships, Gdynia Pólmaraton 2019

Gdynia Half Marathon will be held in Northern Poland on 17 March 2019. This is the biggest running event on the Baltic coast. Every spring, 6000 participants from 40 countries, begin their running season right here!

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PZU Maraton Warszawski 2018: Anniversary of the biggest running marathon in Poland

PZU Maraton Warszawski 2018, Warsaw Marathon, Running Marathon Poland

The PZU Maraton Warszawski 2018 was held on September 30 in the capital of Poland. This is one the biggest running event in Poland and this year the marathon celebrated its 40th Anniversary! The finest organization

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Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia 2018: Running Half-Marathon is a final stage in triathlon race

IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia 2018, Ironman Triathlon Gdynia, Ironman Running, Running Half Marathon, Triathlon Running, Swim.by

Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia is a most popular triathlon race in Poland and Eastern Europe. This sport event annually brings together almost 2,500 athletes from 50 countries! In 2018, the stars of the IRONMAN

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Bieg św. Dominika – 5K Women Run 2018: the beautiful part of running festival in Gdansk

Bieg św. Dominika, 5K Women Run 2018, Bieg św. Dominika 2018

International St. Dominic Run is a great street running festival in Gdansk, Poland. The 5 km Women Run it is a part of Bieg św. Dominika 2018. Amazing and very beautiful competitions took place in the heart of Gdansk

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International St. Dominic Run 2018 in Gdańsk: TOP-Running Festival in Northern Poland

Dominic Run 2018 in Gdańsk, Running Poland

International St. Dominic Run – is a great street running festival in Poland and also an annual prestigious sport and promotional event in Gdańsk, organized since 1994 in the streets of the Old City of a Royal

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon is a great event for runners and investing in sport

PKO Białystok Half Marathon, Marathon Runners, Poland Running, Białystok Półmaraton, Investing in Sport

The PKO Białystok Half Marathon is a big sports event in North-Eastern Poland. Every May the main race at the 21,097 km begin in front of the Branicki Palace in the city center of historical district of Białystok.

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2018 Białystok City Run 5K is a lot of positive emotions and wonderful running in Poland

Białystok City Run 5K, Białystok Half Marathon 2018, Poland Running

On a warm, sunny day on May 13, 2018, the program of PKO Białystok Half Marathon gave us an amazing City Run 5K. A lot of positive emotions were received by 1000 participants of this event. Running in Poland is

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Białystok Junior City Run 2018: sports festival for children and youth in Poland

Białystok Junior City Run 2018, Białystok Półmaraton 2018, детские соревнования по бегу в Белостоке

In the excellent sports program of the PKO Białystok Half Marathon on 12 May 2018 there were wonderful running competitions for children and youth – Junior City Run! This sports festival united

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018: the best running event in May

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, PKO Białystok Półmaraton 2018, Полумарафон Белосток

The PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018 took place on May 12-13 in most green city of the North-Eastern Poland! It was the biggest running event in this weekend: 6000 runners from 20 countries competed

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Pelavo Kids Run 2018: running competition among the children and teenagers in Lodz

Pelavo Kids Run 2018, Kids Run Lodz, children running competition

The Pelavo Kids Run started on 14th of April 2018 on the City Stadium in Lodz. The event of Kids Run is a wonderful running competition among the children and teenagers in Poland as the part of rich program of the

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Kipchoge and Cheruiyot ensure Kenyan double at London Marathon 2018

London Marathon 2018

Eliud Kipchoge continues to defy the notion that runners only have a finite number of good marathons in their legs as he extended his record at the distance to 10 wins from 11 starts at the Virgin Money London

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018: welcome to the biggest running festival in Eastern Poland

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, PKO Białystok Półmaraton 2018, Полумарафон Белосток

The PKO Bialystok Half Marathon will be on 12-13 May, 2018. As in previous editions, runners will start at Branicki Palace. In the past edition, over 6000 people stood at the starting line of the half marathon and

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PKO Poznań Half Marathon 2018: bright colors and more than 10,000 finishers!

PKO Poznań Half Marathon 2018, Poznań Półmaraton

Poznań is a place where the energy of the countries of the New Europe intermingles with the culture of Western civilisations. This metropolis, housing over half-a-million residents, is located in the area

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Ethiopian runners Bekele and Kiptoo victorious at DOZ Marathon Lodz 2018

DOZ Marathon Lodz 2018, Maraton Łódź 2018, Ethiopian runners

Runners from Ethiopia dominated the competition at DOZ Marathon Lodz 2018 and its accompanying Ibuprom Sport Zel Half Marathon. In the challenging, warm conditions (22°C), Tarekegn Zewdu Bekele (2:19:41)

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DOZ Maraton Łódź 2018: olympic runners on the start of the Polish marathon

DOZ Maraton Łódź 2018, olympic runners, Polish marathon

April 14-15, 2018 in the city of Lodz will host a grand festival of Polish running. About 5000 participants from different countries of the world will come to Poland in this weekend. Everyone will get pleasant

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PZU Warsaw Half Marathon 2018: the biggest running race in Poland

PZU Warsaw Half Marathon 2018, PZU Półmaraton Warszawski 2018

The Warsaw Half Marathon – the event which hold traditionally on the last weekend of March in the capital of Poland. This is the biggest running race in Poland and Eastern Europe in distance of 21,097 km.

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USA Masters Athletics: incredible 100-year-old Dallas Man breaks Five World Track Records

USA Masters Athletics, Orville Rogers World Records

100-year-old Superhuman Orville Rogers sets of Five New World Records in races of USA Masters competition. It’s hard to believe – especially after witnessing his record-breaking performance at the Masters

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PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018: the great running weekend in Eastern Poland

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, PKO Białystok Półmaraton 2018

6. PKO Białystok Half Marathon will be held in the largest city in northern-eastern Poland on 13 May 2018. The great running weekend includes a Classic Half Marathon (21,097 km), City Run 5k

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2018 ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon: windy, cold but sunny Gdynia and new champions!

2018 ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon, Gdynia Półmaraton, Poland Running

Nearly six thousand runners gathered at the starting line of the sunny ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon on March 18th. Ben Chelimo Somikwo and Christine Moraa Oigo (KEN) prevailed in the tough, windy conditions

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ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018: the biggest running race in North Poland

ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018, Poland Running

7000 participants from 30 countries registered in the ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018! Organizers are waiting for not only a lot of runners on the start line, but also new race records. The event has a

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Mo Farah won The Big Half and continues preparation for London Marathon 2018

Mo Farah won The Big Half, London Marathon 2018

Sir Mo Farah’s preparations for the London Marathon 2018 got a lift as he won the Vitality Big Half on Sunday, 4 March. The four-time Olympic champion completed the half-marathon course in the capital

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Rondo 1 Run Up 2018: running & stair climbing on the skyscraper in the center of Warsaw

Rondo 1 Run Up 2018, Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1, Poland Running

Rondo 1 Run Up 2018 took place on February, 24 in Warsaw. It’s a Towerrunning 120 event and the most interesting stair climbing race on skyscraper in Eastern Europe. There are 38 floors and 836 steps to climb.

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Here’s How Running Affects Your Heart: Training without risk to health

Running, Heart, Training, Health

It’s no secret that running is a great way to stay in shape. Pounding the pavement, trail or treadmill provides many bodily benefits, including keeping your heart in tip-top condition. We took a deeper look at what running

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ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018: open your running season in Poland!

ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018, Gdynia Polmaraton, Running Poland

Spring is coming and this is the best time for running. Welcome to Poland and take part in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018, the best road races event of March. The lowest starting fees, excellent service, exclusive finisher medals

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DOZ Maraton Łódź 2018: niezapomniana trasa i mnóstwo emocji na punktach kibicowania

DOZ Maraton Łódź 2018, Trasa Maraton Łódź, Lodz Marathon 2018

Piotrkowska, EC1, Księży Młyn, Pałac Poznańskiego, multimedialna meta w Atlas Arenie i ponad 50 punktów kibicowania. To tylko niektóre z atrakcji, które będą czekać na biegaczy na trasie DOZ Maratonu Łódź już 15 kwietnia.

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Poland Running represents the most beautiful medals in 2017 Road Races

Poland Running, Polish Running Medals, 2017 Road Races

Every year Poland’s Running calendar is filled with various and very interesting road races events: 5k, 10k, Half Marathons, Marathon and even Ultra! During the 2017 sports season, all finishers from more than 160 countries

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Marathon or Half Marathon? In Lodz 2018 you can decide during the race!

Lodz Marathon 2018, Lodz Half Marathon 2018, Maraton Łódź, Półmaraton Łódź

You want to run the marathon in the spring, but you do not know if you can do it? In Lodz you can make a decision even during the race! This year, a half-marathon will take place in Lodz as part of DOZ Marathon 2018.

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Welcome to The Big Half: an exciting new running half marathon in London

The Big Half, Half Marathon London

The Big Half is a new one day festival centred around the half marathon distance, taking place on Sunday 4 March, 2018 at the London, UK. Created by London Marathon Events Ltd, in partnership with Sported

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Maraton czy Półmaraton? W Łodzi 2018 możesz zdecydować w trakcie biegu!

DOZ Maraton Łódź 2018, Półmaraton Łódź, Maraton Łódź 2018, Półmaraton Łódź, Poland Running

Chcesz przebiec maraton na wiosnę, ale nie wiesz czy dasz radę? W Łodzi możesz podjąć decyzję nawet w trakcie biegu! W tym roku w Łodzi w ramach DOZ Maratonu 2018 odbędzie się także półmaraton.

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The United European Championships 2018: athletics, swimming, cycling, triathlon together

European Championships 2018, athletics, swimming, cycling, triathlon

A new era in world sport will get underway in the summer of 2018 as Glasgow and Berlin host the inaugural European Championships — an exciting new multi-sport event bringing together some of the continent’s leading sports

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Gdynia and Minsk to host 2020 World Athletics Series events – decision of IAAF Council

Gdynia and Minsk to host 2020 World Athletics Series IAAF

The Polish port city of Gdynia which is part of the urban «Tricity» with Gdansk and Sopot, the latter held the 2014 IAAF World Indoor Championships, was this afternoon awarded the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships 2020.

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Gdynia 2020: gospodarz Mistrzostw Świata w Półmaratonie

Gdynia 2020, gospodarz Mistrzostw Świata w Półmaratonie

Skwer Kościuszki najważniejszym punktem na lekkoatletycznej mapie świata? Dokładnie tak! W marcu 2020 roku Gdynia będzie gospodarzem mistrzostw świata w półmaratonie – taką decyzję podjęła Rada Międzynarodowego

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The Garda Trentino Half Marathon 2017: beautiful route and high level of runners

Garda Trentino Half Marathon 2017

The Garda Trentino Half Marathon is a running event, over a distance of 21,097 km on the furthest north town on the shore of the famous Garda Lake in Italy (it. Lago di Garda). The race includes a family run and a non-competitive 8K.

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Olympic Triathlon Champion Gwen Jorgensen focus to marathon running in Tokyo 2020

Olympic Triathlon Champion Gwen Jorgensen, marathon, Tokyo 2020

Olympic triathlon champion Gwen Jorgensen has decided to shift her focus to the marathon running for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, she announced on official Twitter page. At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016

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Poland Running in Independence Day: beautiful race and 5000 participants in Gdynia 2017

Poland Running, Run of Independence, Bieg Niepodległości Gdynia 2017

Every year in Poland, during the national holiday of Independence Day on November 11, starts a large series of sporting events in many cities of the country. The classic and most popular running distance it’s a 10 km city race.

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Warsaw Marathon 2017 and the Polish Crown: running documentary about sports & culture

Warsaw Marathon 2017, Polish Crown, Poland Running

Let’s go on a journey to explore the beauty of the world by running! We invite you to watch a story about sports, culture and history in «Discover the World through its Marathons», the running documentary

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Балтийский полумарафон AMBERMAN 2017: международный бег в Калининграде

Балтийский полумарафон AMBERMAN 2017, бег в Калининграде

Соревнования по полумарафонскому бегу на дистанцию 21,1 км, пожалуй, это одна из самых массовых спортивных дисциплин в лёгкой атлетике на сегодняшний день. Во всём мире ежегодно проводится

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Poznan Marathon: спортивный брендинг и удачный маркетинг бегового марафона

Poznan Marathon, спортивный брендинг, спортивный маркетинг

Беговой марафон в Познани, входит в TOP наиболее крупных легкоатлетических событий Польши. На старт королевской 42-километровой дистанции Poznan Marathon ежегодно выходят почти 6000 участников.

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ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018: участие в беговых эстафетах в рамках полумарафона

ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018, беговые эстафеты, командные эстафеты

25 октября 2017 года началась регистрация команд для участия в беговых эстафетах в рамках одного из крупнейших беговых полумарафонов Восточной Европы – ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018.

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Chicago Marathon: как беговой марафон влияет на развитие экономики города

Chicago Marathon, Чикагский марафон, марафон в Чикаго

8 октября 2017 года в юбилейный 40-й раз состоялся Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2017 в США. В мире спорта это событие однозначно грандиозное, но и в мире бизнеса шикарный пример очень успешного проекта.

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ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018: начало регистрации на полумарафон в Гдыне

ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018, полумарафон Гдыня 2018

ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon дебютировал на международном беговом рынке только в 2016 году и сразу попал в ТОП крупнейших спортивных событий Польши. А во время второго выпуска полумарафона

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BMW Berlin Marathon 2017: олимпийский чемпион Рио-2016 выигрывает марафон

BMW Berlin Marathon 2017, Берлинский марафон 2017

Титулованный 33-летний кенийский бегун Элиуд Кипчоге, олимпийский чемпион на марафонской дистанции в Рио-2016, вновь подтвердил свой экстра уровень, триумфально выиграв BMW Berlin Marathon 2017.

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PZU Maraton Warszawski 2017: спортивные традиции, качество и новые технологии

PZU Maraton Warszawski 2017, Варшавский марафон 2017

В 39-й раз на центральных улицах столицы Польши состоялся осенний Варшавский марафон, который наглядно продемонстрировал славные традиции польской лёгкой атлетики, качественный уровень

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Minsk Half Marathon 2017: приятная порция беговой нагрузки или две цели в один день

Minsk Half Marathon 2017, Минский полумарафон 2017

Праздник бега Minsk Half Marathon 2017 состоялся 10 сентября в центре столицы Беларуси. Это уже 3-й выпуск Минского полумарафона в масштабном формате с привлечением сильных иностранных участников

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HOKA Grom Anapa Trail 2017: уникальный беговой трейл-марафон в Анапе

HOKA Grom Anapa Trail 2017, беговой трейл марафон в Анапе

Пробеги в лучах заката, догони уходящее лето, отметь с друзьями свои результаты игристым напитком, отдохни всей семьёй у моря – таков девиз яркого спорт-события «HOKA Grom Anapa Trail 2017».

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Спортивное питание для бега: какое лучше выбрать на марафон?

Спортивное питание для бега, спортивное питание на марафон

Весна и осень, наиболее активные соревновательные сезоны у профессионалов и любителей бега. Множество людей тренируется, чтобы принять участие в марафонах или других массовых забегах.

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Международный бег святого Доминика 2017: самый зрелищный проект в Гданьске

Бег Доминика в Гданьске 2017, Bieg św. Dominika

5 августа 2017 года Гданьске состоялся ежегодный международный забег «Святого Доминика» в период проведения крупнейшего гастрономического фестиваля Польши – «Доминиканской ярмарки».

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Jan Sobieski Running Cup 2017: люблю бег в зелёных парках Варшавы

Jan Sobieski Running Cup 2017, бег в парках Варшавы

Хороший солнечный день помог записать ещё один старт в спортивный актив этого лета. С большим удовольствием пробежался в одном из самых красивых парков Варшавы – королевском Вилянуве.

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Весенний полумарафон в Будапеште 2017: впечатления от бега и путешествия

Весенний полумарафон в Будапеште 2017, Одиссей Дельянов

Посетить новый для себя европейский город и пробежать там полумарафон, ну разве это не классно? Однозначно, прекрасное решение! Одиссей Дельянов поделился своими впечатлениями о путешествии

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Бег на 10 км и марафон в Лодзи 2017: громкое событие в центральной Польше

Бег 10 км, марафон в Лодзи 2017

На один весенний уик-энд Лодзь была отдана любителям бега. А благодаря профессиональной работе лучших спортивных менеджеров и маркетологов в этот город приехали более 5000 атлетов и 20000 туристов

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