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Slovakia Masters Open Cup 2018: International Summer Swimming Meeting in Šamorín

Slovakia Masters Open Cup 2018, Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup 2018, Slovakia Masters Cup 2018

The last days of registration in Arena Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup 2018 – the biggest masters swimming meeting in the Eastern Europe at the outdoor 50-meters Olympic pool in Šamorín! Athletes from Czech

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Open Water Swimming Marathon in Lithuania: great swim across the Curonian Lagoon

Open Water Swimming Marathon in Lithuania, Open Water Swimming, Open Water Marathon, Swimming Marathon, Great Swim

The Curonian Lagoon swimming marathon organized by commemorate the 100-th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Republic. Organizers strive to achieve the Curonian Lagoon open water marathon

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Latvian Masters Swimming Championship 2018: European class event in Riga

Latvian Masters Swimming Championship 2018, European Masters Swimming, Riga Swimming

On May, 26-27 in Riga hosted the Latvian Masters Swimming Championship 2018. Masters athletes represented the 35 European swimming clubs in the Kipsala Olympic pool. It was two great days, hundreds

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Arena Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup 2018: summer championship in the outdoor pool

Arena Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup 2018, Slovakia Masters Swimming Championship

Summer is an amazing time for sports, traveling and of course swimming! In one of the best outdoor 50-meters Olympic pool of the Eastern Europe will be held the Arena Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup

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2018 Latvian Masters Swimming Championships: Vladislav Bragin won the general classification

2018 Latvian Masters Swimming Championships, Latvian Masters Swimming Championship, Vladislav Bragin

In the Olympic Center Kipsala on the bank of Daugava river in Riga, May 26-27 hosted the 2018 Latvian Masters Swimming Championships. Very nice weather, a gorgeous 50-meters pool, the best team of friends

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5 reasons why you should visit the Riga in May: Latvian Open Masters and best bonuses

Visit Riga, Visit Latvia, Latvian Open Masters, Riga Masters, Travel Latvia

The Latvian capital is a hotspot of Baltic States, bursting with alluring architecture and compelling culture. Riga is not only a European cultural capital in 2014, but a beautiful city to visit, full of lovely corners

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Latvian Open Masters 2018: beautiful Riga invites all amateurs of swimming

Latvian Open Masters 2018, Latvian Masters Swimming Championships, Riga Swimming, Amateur Swimming

Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships will be held in Riga on 26-27 May, 2018. The most beautiful city of the Baltic States invites all amateurs of swimming and masters athletes to participate in International

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Latvian Masters Swimming Championship 2018: International Open Tournament in Riga

Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships 2018

Dear amateurs of swimming and masters athletes, beautiful Riga is glad to invite you to participate in the Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships 2018! This international tournament will be held in 26-27 May

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Vester Masters 2018: International Masters Swimming Festival in Kaliningrad

Vester Masters 2018, Vester Masters Swimming Kaliningrad 2018

The Russian city of Kaliningrad held of the International Masters Swimming Festival «Vester Masters 2018». The competitions were organized at the professional level by the Pregel Swimming Club

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European Masters Games 2019 will be held in the Olympic city of Turin, Northern Italy

European Masters Games 2019

In September 2016, the Board of Directors of the International Masters Games Association (IMGA), meeting in Vancouver, established that Turin was organizing, for the summer of 2019, the sixth

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Vladimir Predkin and Kira Makarova – winners of the Vester Masters 2018 in Kaliningrad

Vladimir Predkin, Kira Makarova, Vester Masters Swimming 2018

March 3-4, 2018 in the westernmost city of Russia, Kaliningrad hosted a grandiose tournament in masters swimming – «Vester Masters 2018». International sports meeting held at the 20th times and was on the very professional level!

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Baltic Masters Swimming Championships 2018: Best moments of the Riga Amber Cup

Baltic Masters Swimming Championships 2018, Riga Amber Cup

244 swimmers from 10 countries took part in the Baltic Open Masters Swimming Championships 2018 in Riga. This international swimming tournament in Latvia, which organized every year in February has a brand name

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Igor Kozlovskij and Regina Sych - the winners of the Riga Amber Cup 2018 in Latvia

Igor Kozlovskij, Regina Sych, Riga Amber Cup 2018

17-18 February 2018 in the capital of Latvia was a big international tournament in masters swimming «Riga Amber Cup». These competitions for 10 years unite the athletes of age groups and have a rank of the

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Vester Masters 2018: International Masters Swimming Tournament in Kaliningrad

Vester Masters 2018, Masters Swimming Tournament in Kaliningrad

International Masters Swimming Tournament «Vester Masters 2018» from 3 till 4 March will be held in Kaliningrad, the most western and beautiful city of Russia with a rich history. Competition will unite the age group swimmers

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The Benefits of Swimming: Why everyone should make time to swim

The Benefits of Swimming, Swimming, Swim, www.swim.by

Lose weight, get fit and improve your mood. The benefits of swimming are huge, offering a low impact, full-body workout that tones muscles and helps you relax. Swim for health and enjoy it!

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Riga Amber Cup 2018: International Masters Swimming Meet in Latvia

Riga Amber Cup 2018, International Masters Swimming Meet in Latvia

Welcome to Latvia in 17-18 February 2018 and compete in the biggest masters swimming meet in Baltic States – Riga Amber Cup 2018! A sports trip in this weekend will bring you great pleasure from a beautiful city

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Baltic Open Masters Swimming Championships: Riga Amber Cup 2018

Baltic Open Masters Swimming Championships, Riga Amber Cup 2018

Baltic Open Masters Swimming Championships «Riga Amber Cup 2018» will be held in Riga, the capital of Latvia, from 17 till 18 February 2018. Competition the 10 years consecutive brings together masters athletes

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Training camp of the club Swimmpower Prague: one day with the masters team in Slovakia

Training camp, Club Swimmpower Prague, masters team, masters swimming

A few times during the year, swimming and triathlon amateurs have interesting training camps. Week of workouts in company of the strongest masters athletes in the world is always great practical training sessions

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Warsaw Open 2017: Top-Event in European Masters Swimming and Czech triumph in pool

Warsaw Open 2017

At the swimming pool of Water Park Warszawianka hosted the Warsaw Open Swimming Championships in the Masters category. In the two-day competition took part 355 competitors from 63 clubs

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Vladislav Bragin and Magdalena Drab the winners of Warsaw Masters Open 2017

Warsaw Masters Open 2017

Vladislav Bragin of Swimmpower Prague and Magdalena Drab represented by Masters Wisła Kraków – the official winners of Warsaw Open Masters Swimming Championships 2017. More than 350 swimmers competed

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Warsaw Open 2017: 7 nations, 61 swimming clubs and top masters athletes ready to starts

Warsaw Open 2017

This weekend will be really interesting and hot – Warsaw to host the Open Masters Swimming Championships 2017. We can say that is a great final of the European Swimming Tour. This season was full of excellent masters events

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Open Warsaw Masters Swimming Championships 2017: international competitions in Poland

Open Warsaw Masters Swimming Championships 2017, Warsaw Masters Swimming, Poland Masters Swimming

2-3 December 2017, more than 400 swimmers from 50 sports clubs of Europe we will see in Open Warsaw Masters Swimming Championships 2017.

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Warsaw Swimming Open: международный турнир по плаванию мастерс в Польше

Warsaw Masters Swimming Open, Чемпионат Варшавы по плаванию мастерс

Почти 400 спортсменов из 50 клубов плавания Европы заявили о своём желании принять участие в международном турнире по плаванию мастерс, который состоится 2-3 декабря 2017 года в Варшаве.

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European Masters Games: Европейские игры мастеров спорта

European Masters Games, Европейские игры мастерс, Европейские игры мастеров спорта

Европейские игры мастеров спорта являются крупномасштабными мульти спортивными соревнованиями для атлетов возраста 30-35 лет и старше. Проводятся с 2008 года раз в четыре года

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Open Warsaw Masters Championships 2017: крупнейший клубный чемпионат Польши

Open Warsaw Masters Championships 2017, Чемпионат Варшавы по плаванию мастерс, Swim.by

2-3 декабря 2017 года Варшава в очередной раз рада пригласить всех любителей плавания Европы на крупнейший клубный чемпионат Польши, который состоится в олимпийском водном парке

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World Masters Swimming Championships 2017: мировое плавание в Будапеште

World Masters Swimming Championships 2017, Andrzej Waszkewicz

Приятно видеть, что популярность плавания и общий уровень результатов в мире стали столь высоки, что раз в два года на мировой чемпионат категории Masters приезжают более 10000 спортсменов

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Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup 2017: прекрасный турнир в середине лета

Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup 2017, Кубок Словакии по плаванию мастерс

Есть в Словакии небольшой уютный городок Шаморин на берегу Дуная, что в 20 км от столицы Братиславы. Наша команда Swimmpower Prague посетила это интересное место с прекрасной олимпийской базой

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Open Poland Masters Championships 2017: Варшава демонстрирует уровень плавания

Poland Masters Swimming Championships 2017, Чемпионат Польши по плаванию Мастерс 2017

Шесть месяцев кропотливой подготовки международного события и теперь результат проделанного труда говорит сам за себя – Чемпионат Польши по плаванию мастерс 2017 (age groups) состоялся в Варшаве

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Polish Masters Swimming Championships 2017: соревнования по плаванию в Варшаве

Polish Masters Swimming Championships 2017, Чемпионат Польши по плаванию Мастерс 2017

Более 500 пловцов со всех клубов Польши, а также внушительное количество спортсменов из других стран Европы, приедут 16-18 июня 2017 года в Варшаву для участия в международных соревнованиях

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Poland Masters Swimming Championship 2017: Варшава встречает всех любителей плавания

Poland Masters Swimming Championships 2017, Чемпионат Польши по плаванию Мастерс 2017

16-18 июня 2017 года в Варшаве состоится открытый Чемпионат Польши по плаванию Masters. К участию в престижном международном турнире приглашаются все любители плавания

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Будапешт планирует всех удивить своим центром плавания к Чемпионату мира 2017

Будапешт, Чемпионат мира по плаванию 2017

Будапешт получил право на проведение Чемпионата мира по водным видам спорта 2017 года, после того как мексиканская Гвадалахара не смогла по экономическим причинам реализовать возложенное

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В Ольштыне состоялся Чемпионат Польши по плаванию Masters 2016

Чемпионат Польши по плаванию Masters 2016

В олимпийском водном центре «Aquasfera» города Ольштын состоялся Чемпионат Польши по плаванию Masters 2016. Соревнования прошли в 25-метровом бассейне с 10 плавательными дорожками

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Лучшие соревнования по плаванию Masters осени-2016, где участвовать может каждый

Лучшие соревнования по плаванию Masters

Для взрослых поклонников водного спорта представляю лучшие соревнования по плаванию «Masters» осени-2016, в которых может участвовать любой желающий, достигший 25-летнего возраста.

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Впереди новый сезон плавания 2016/2017: только вперёд, сохраняя лидерство!

Анджей Вашкевич, плавание, Swimmpower Prague

Вот уже стучится в двери новый плавательный сезон 2016/2017, обещая быть очень насыщенным на тренировки и спортивные события, ведь в международном календаре

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European masters aquatics championships 2016: London and our trace in history of swimming

European masters aquatics championships 2016

European masters aquatics championships 2016 in London it’s a great sports event which brought together 10.000 athletes from all Europe. We enjoyed the competition, Olympic city and made our trace in the history of swimming.

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Euro masters swimming championships 2016: World Record and 7 gold medals in our team

European masters swimming championships 2016, world record, Swimmpower Prague

European masters swimming championships 2016 in London was a great event in history of our team «Swimmpower Prague»! We broke the world record in 4×50m medley relay and won 7 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals.

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Team «Swimmpower Prague» in London 2016: battle for the medals of the Euro championship

Team «Swimmpower Prague» in London 2016, European masters swimming championships 2016

This is the peak time of the sports season for our club – European masters swimming championships 2016 in London. 10.000 participants from 50 European countries will gather in the Olympic pool «Queen Elizabeth Park»

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Grand Prix Bruntal 2016: традиционный турнир по плаванию в Чехии

Grand Prix Bruntal 2016, турнир по плаванию в Чехии

Каждую весну в небольшом городке Брунталь на северо-востоке Чехии проходит традиционный турнир по плаванию «Grand Prix Bruntal». Соревнования носят открытый международный характер

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Почему вам нужно заниматься плаванием? Оздоровление и тренировка одновременно!

Swimming, плавание

Плавание для человека настолько же естественно, как и бег. Любое нахождение в воде полезно как для физического, так и для психического здоровья нашего организма. Я готов придать вам дополнительный

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TOP events of Poland masters swimming 2016: championships in Silesia, Warmia and Mazury

Poland masters swimming 2016, плавание мастерс Польша

If you like swimming and travel, you will definitely need to visit Poland in 2016. I am pleased to present three best sports events, where there will be several hundred swimmers and very friendly atmosphere for our guests.

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Traditional swim championships in November: recommend Poland, Lithuania and Russia

Swimming championships Poland, Lithuania, Russia

Every year in November at the European sports pools organized traditional swimming competitions among the all masters & amateurs. Hundreds of swim fans will travel from one country to another

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Prague swimming camp 2015: как выглядит тренировочный день нашей команды

Prague swimming camp 2015

Чтобы выступать на соревнованиях по плаванию, необходимо регулярно тренироваться. А если ваша цель медаль, или по крайней мере достойный личный результат и высокое место

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Swimming friends in Kazan 2015: together we create the energy of this great sports event

Swimming friends in Kazan 2015

World masters swimming championships in Kazan - is not only a sports competition and the battle for seconds in the pool. Every championship - it’s meeting of friends of the world of swimming and sports.

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Teamwork skills brings us two bronze medals on World championships in Kazan

World swimming championships 2015

Main day of the World masters swimming championship it was the final test for our team in the pool of Kazan. Start in swimming relays had to show whether we win medals in sports battle at the world championships.

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Чемпионат мира по плаванию masters 2015: как встречали спортсменов в Казани

Чемпионат мира по плаванию masters 2015

После выполнения 12-недельного плана плавательной подготовки был взят курс на Казань с целью, не просто принять участие, но и побороться за медали на Чемпионате мира по плаванию masters.

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World swimming championships, Kazan 2015: water of life is our motto

World swimming championships, Kazan 2015

World championships – it is always very bright and unusual event in the sports world. The country is host to this tournament, preparing for 4 years. Trained and athletes from all over the world.

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Polish swimming masters championships 2015: Floating Arena Szczecin

Andrzej Waszkewicz, Polish swimming masters championships, Szczecin, 2015

At the end of June, the beautiful Polish city of Szczecin pleased the European swimmers with the Open national swimming masters championship. It was very sports weekend in the Olympic water center Floating Arena.

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Весенний старт по плаванию в Минске для всех желающих: masters & amateurs

Andrzej Waszkewicz, плавание мастерс, Минск

Благодаря искренним усилиям единомышленников, друзей и партнёров в области спорта в городе Минске, у всех любителей и ветеранов плавания категории мастерс появилась отличная возможность

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Щецин назван хозяином летнего Чемпионата Польши 2015 по плаванию Pro & Masters

Щецин, Польша, плавание, swim.by

Польская федерация плавания назвала город, который в 2015-м году примет два главных старта страны по плаванию, им стал – Щецин! Цель каждого из событий заключается в проведении соревнований

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World masters swimming championships 2015. Чемпионат мира по плаванию мастерс 2015.

World masters swimming championships 2015, Чемпионат мира по плаванию, Казань

FINA announced in 2012 that they intended to combine the World Aquatics Championships and World Masters Championships into a single site in 2015. The XVI World Masters Swimming Championships will begin on August 9th

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Arena Slovakia Swimming Masters Cup 2018, Кубок Словакии по плаванию мастерс

IRONMAN Tallinn 2018, IRONMAN Triathlon Estonia

IRONSTAR, Triathlon Russia, Ironstar Triathlon Series Russia

Challenge Prague 2018, Challenge Prague Triathlon 2018

Susz Triathlon 2018, Ironman, Sprint Triathlon, Aquathlon

IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää, Ironman Triathlon Otepää Estonia

Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships

Garden Ring Amateur Cycling Race 2018, Любительская велогонка Садовое Кольцо

2018 European Masters Swimming Championships Slovenia

Riga Amber Cup 2019, Masters Swimming Riga

EMG, European Masters League, Европейская Лига Мастерс

EMG Poland Running League, Polska Liga Biegowa

EMG, European Management Group