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Timing, Results, Swimming Results, Triathlon Results, Результаты соревнований по плаванию, триатлону

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GFNY Poland, GFNY Gdynia Poland, Poland Amateur Cycling


PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018

Official video of the PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018 ⇒ Junior City Run, City Run 5K, Half Marathon 21,1 km.

Białystok Half Marathon 2018 Video, www.swim.by, Białystok Half Marathon Video,  Białystok Half Marathon, Białystok Półmaraton Video, Białystok Półmaraton 2018, EMG Sport Management, Marathon Video, Swim.by

© Fundacja Białystok Biega / PKO Białystok Półmaraton


Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia powered by Herbalife

Triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia in Poland ⇒ 1,9 km swim + 90 km bike + 21,1 km run.

Triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia, www.swim.by, IRONMAN Triathlon Poland, IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia, Poland Ironman Triathlon, IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia Video, EMG Sport Management, Swim.by

© Sport Evolution


Triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää in Estonia

Triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää ⇒ welcome to Estonia!

Promotion video about spectacular triathlon race (1,93 km swim, 90 km bike, 21,1 km run) in Otepää!

Triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää in Estonia, www.swim.by, IRONMAN Triathlon Estonia, IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää, Estonia Triathlon, EMG Triathlon, EMS Sport Management, Swim.by

© VisitEstonia / IRONMAN Europe


2018 IRONMAN Tallinn in Estonia

Tallinn love story ⇒ the host city of IRONMAN Triathlon in beautiful Estonia! Magical Old Town and great race (3,8km swim, 180km bike, 42,2km run) are waiting for their heroes!

2018 IRONMAN Tallinn, Ironman Estonia, Tallinn love story, www.swim.by, IRONMAN Triathlon Tallinn video, Visit Tallinn, Triathlon IRONMAN Tallinn, EMG, Swim.by

© VisitTallinn / www.visittallinn.ee



IRONSTAR Triathlon Sprint & 113 Sochi ⇒ the best triathlon competition for amateur athletes in Russia.

IRONSTAR SPRINT & 113 SOCHI, www.swim.by, IRONSTAR Triathlon Russia video, triathlon competition Russia, Swim.by

© IRONSTAR Triathlon Russia ®


GFNY Deutschland

GFNY Deutschland ⇒ Amateur cycling race in Germany, more than 1000 riders from 20 countries!

GFNY Deutschland Video, www.swim.by, Gran Fondo Deutschland, Swim.by

© GFNY Deutschland


Enea 5150 Warsaw – Official Video

Enea 5150 Warsaw Triathlon ⇒ 1,5 km swim + 40 km bike + 10 km run (Olympic Triathlon Race in the Heart of Poland)

Enea 5150 Warsaw Official Video, www.swim.by, 5150 Warsaw Triathlon Video, Swim.by

© Sport Evolution


Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1 – oficjalne video 2018

Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1 ⇒ 600 runners • 38 floors • 142 meters • 836 stairs!
The tallest office building in the center of Warsaw and the most incredibly sporting event indoor!

Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1 Video, www.swim.by, Rondo 1 Run Up Video, Swim.by

© Sport Evolution


IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia 2017 – Triathlon Review

IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia 2017 ⇒ 1,9 km swim + 90 km bike + 21,1 km run (Half Ironman Triathlon in Northern Poland)

IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia 2017, IRONMAN Triathlon Gdynia, Triathlon Review, Sports Review, Ironman Triathlon Video, Ironman, Триатлон Видео, www.swim.by, Ironman Видео, Swim.by

© Yury Yurchanka


Bialystok Half Marathon – Official Promo

The Best Running Half Marathon in the Heart of Podlasie ⇒ Białystok, Poland

Bialystok Half Marathon, Official Promo Video, Białystok Półmaraton, Film, www.swim.by, Poland Running, Swim.by

© Białystok Półmaraton / PKO Bank Polski


Giro d’Italia 2018 – Official Promo

Power, Beauty, Passion ⇒ Giro d’Italia 2018 (May, 4-27, 2018)

Giro d'Italia 2018, Official Promo Video, Giro d'Italia 2018 Video, Swim.by

© Giro d’Italia


Top 5 Triathlon IRONMAN Bikes 2017

Some of the Best Triathlon bikes for IRONMAN which will be used in the 2017 season.

Top 5 Triathlon IRONMAN Bikes 2017, Best Triathlon bikes for IRONMAN, Triathlon Video, Swim.by

© Tri Nation


LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships 2017

EuroSwim 2017 - promotion video ⇒ 13-17 December, 2017 / Copenhagen, Denmark

LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships 2017, Video, EuroSwim 2017 - promotion video, Swim.by

© EuroSwim 2017


Winter Triathlon World Championships 2018

2018 Cheile Gradistei ITU Winter Triathlon World Championships ⇒ 26 - 28 Jan, 2018 / Cheile Gradistei, Romania

Winter Triathlon World Championships 2018, Video, Live, Swim.by


Warsaw Open Masters Swimming Championships 2017

Warsaw Open Masters Swimming Championships 2017 (2-3 December, Warsaw, Poland) ⇒ 355 swimmers & 63 clubs

Warsaw Open Masters Swimming Championships 2017, Swimming Video, Championships Video Film, Чемпионат Варшавы по плаванию Мастерс, Swim.by

© Warsaw Masters Team


Warsaw Open Water Swimming Championships 2016

III Beko Mistrzostwa Warszawy Open Water 2016 ⇒ 25 June, 2016 / Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Open Water Swimming Championships 2016, Swimming Video, Open Water Film, Open Water Swimming, Swim.by

© Warsaw Masters Team / Daniel Kondraciuk Live, Dorota Sędek


World Masters Record of Swimmpower Prague in 4×50 m Medley Men

LEN European Masters Swimming Championships 2016 ⇒ London, Great Britain
Swimmpower Prague smashes World Record in 4×50m Medley Men relay in AG 120-159 on 1.5 seconds!

World Masters Record, Swimmpower Prague, European Masters Swimming Championships 2016, world swimming record, London 2016, swimming video, Swim.by


Poland Running: Gdynia 10 km – 5000 participants

Poland Running, Gdynia 10 km Run, Bieg Niepodległości Gdynia 2017, Gdynia Bieg, Run Video, Swim.by

© Gdyńskie Centrum Sportu / gdyniasport.pl


Warsaw Marathon: The Polish Crown

Warsaw Marathon, Warsaw Marathon 2017, Polish Crown, Poland Running, EMG Sport, Marathon Video

© Radu Restivan / 321 Sport channel


Baltic Half Marathon AMBERMAN 2017

Baltic Half Marathon AMBERMAN 2017, Балтийский полумарафон AMBERMAN 2017, Видео полумарафона, бег в Калининграде, Балтийский полумарафон, AMBERMAN, Baltic Half Marathon, Kaliningrad Running, Swim.by

© Oleg Prudnikov


IRONSTAR, Triathlon Russia, Ironstar Triathlon Series Russia

Susz Triathlon 2018, Ironman, Sprint Triathlon, Aquathlon

Challenge Prague 2018, Challenge Prague Triathlon 2018

IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää, Ironman Triathlon Otepää Estonia

IRONMAN Tallinn 2018, IRONMAN Triathlon Estonia

Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships

Garden Ring Amateur Cycling Race 2018, Любительская велогонка Садовое Кольцо

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, Białystok Półmaraton 2018

2018 European Masters Swimming Championships Slovenia

Riga Amber Cup 2019, Masters Swimming Riga

EMG, European Masters League, Европейская Лига Мастерс

EMG Poland Running League, Polska Liga Biegowa

EMG, European Management Group