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5150 Warsaw Triathlon in Poland: Olympic race in the heart of European capital city

5150 Warsaw Triathlon in Poland

5150 Warsaw Triathlon is a licensed sports event World Triathlon Corporation in Poland, at the Olympic Distance in the one of the fastest growing capital cities in the world. This race is open to each fans and professional of triathlon!

Swimming in Zalew Zegrzyński, fast and flat bicycle route with the North Bridge and Wisłostrada, as well running and spectator’s finish tribunes in the heart of Warsaw. Dedicated Shuttle Busy, which will bring players into the zone of change between Open Water Swimming and Cycling.

5150 Warsaw Triathlon Poland, 5150 Warsaw, 5150 Warsaw Triathlon, Swim.by

Photo: © Sport Evolution

The 5150 Triathlon Series is a global triathlon race at the Olympic distance: 1.5 km of swimming + 40 km by bike + 10 km running. The founder and owner of the series is World Triathlon Corporation, the organizer of the world’s largest triathlon IRONMAN (over 300,000 participants).

5150 Warsaw Triathlon Poland, 5150 Warsaw, 5150 Warsaw Triathlon, Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by

Photo: © Sport Evolution

5150 Warsaw Triathlon in Poland is a TOP-sports project in the capital city. More than 1000 triathletes take a start in the most visible race in olympic route beside the historical buildings and royal parks along Wisła river.

Welcome to Poland and try yourself in 5150 Warsaw Triathlon in company of best European Athletes!

Official web ⇒ 5150warsaw.com

5150 Warsaw Triathlon Poland, 5150 Warsaw, 5150 Warsaw Triathlon, Andrzej Waszkewicz, Swim.by

Photo: © Sport Evolution

European sports promoter: © Andrzej Waszkewicz / EMG Sport, INC   ,   Photo:© Sport Evolution

5150 Warsaw Triathlon Poland, 5150 Warsaw, 5150 Warsaw Triathlon


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