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May 2018 is a great month for a masters athletes in running, cycling and swimming


May is the warmest and most beautiful month of spring. This is the best time for traveling and participating in prestigious competitions. May 2018 offers to masters athletes and for all sports amateurs to take part in the unique events of Eastern Europe!

Use the chance and visit the beautiful cities and their grandiose sports events with a magnificent service for each participant.

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018 – 6000 runners at the start in 21,1 and 5K in Białystok, Eastern Poland!

Garden Ring 2018 – 1000+ masters cyclists on the start line in the heart of Moscow!

Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships 2018 – more than 200 best masters swimmers from Baltic States, Scandinavian and other European countries in magical Riga!

GFNY Poland Gdynia 2018 – 1000+ amateur and masters cyclists at the start in the North capital of Polish sports – sunny Gdynia!

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018

12-13 May 2018 ⇒ Białystok, Poland

General info: Classic Half Marathon (21,097 km) & City Run (5 km)

Web: www.bialystokpolmaraton.pl

PKO Białystok Half Marathon 2018, PKO Białystok Półmaraton 2018, Полумарафон в Белостоке, www.swim.by, Poland Running, Swim.by, Białystok Półmaraton, Poland Half Marathon, Masters Running, Masters Running Calendar, EMG Sport

Photo: © Fundacja Białystok Biega

Garden Ring – Masters & Amateur Cycling Race 2018

20 May 2018 ⇒ Garden Ring / Moscow, Russia

Distances ⇒ Women (2 laps) – 31 km; Men (5 laps) – 78 km

Participant categories ⇒ Amateur, Masters, Women

Age Groups ⇒ from 19+ and older

Official web & Registrationwww.cyclingrace.ru/en

Garden Ring Amateur Cycling Race 2018, Garden Ring Masters Cycling Race 2018, Garden Ring Amateur Cycling Race Moscow, Amateur Cycling Races, Amateur Cycling Calendar, www.swim.by, Moscow Cycling, Russia Cycling, Любительская велогонка Садовое Кольцо в Москве, Masters Cycling, EMG, Swim.by

Photo: © Elena Popova

Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships 2018

26-27 May 2018 ⇒ Riga, Latvia / 50m, 8-lane swimming pool with OMEGA Ares 21 timekeeping system;

General info: International Open Tournament for amateurs & masters swimmers (Age Groups from 20+) .

Web: www.swimming.lv   |   Rules & programRegulations   |   Entry fees ⇒ Athlete = 20 € / Each Relay = 20 €

RegistrationLENEX file to be sent to LPF email address → info@swimming.lv – till 20 May 2018.

Latvian Open Masters Swimming Championships 2018, Latvijas čempionāts peldēšanā vecmeistariem, Чемпионат Латвии по плаванию Мастерс, Atklātais Latvijas čempionāts peldēšanā vecmeistariem, Latvia Masters Swimming, Latvia Masters Swimming Championship, European Masters Swimming, EMG, Swim.by

Photo: © Latvijas Peldēšanas federācija / Latvian Swimming Federation

GFNY Poland Gdynia 2018

27 May 2018 ⇒ Gdynia, Poland

General info: Amateur Cycling Challenge ⇒ Gran Fondo (136 km) & Medio Fondo (80 km)

Web: www.gfnypolska.com   |   RegistrationSlotMarket.pl

GFNY Poland Gdynia 2018, Gran Fondo Polska Gdynia, Masters Cycling Calendar, Amateur Cycling Challenge, Poland Cycling, EMG

Photo: © GFNY Polska Gdynia

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EMG, European Management Group

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2018 IRONMAN Tallinn in Estonia
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